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Schallfabrik – by Florian Philipp Müller


After playing in several bands and music projects from punk to indie i founded the schallfabrik in 2006 – a custom made music- and soundproduction service. I gained a lot of experience in the last 15 years – as a musician, artist, arranger, sound engineer and producer, but also in making new musical concepts and bringing them to life. In the audio production i experienced almost everything, as a production sound mixer, boom operater, foley mixer, sound editor, sound designer, re recording artist and mixer, but also as the responsible producer for projects, artists and record labels. After learning my audio engineering skills in a private school in munich, i got my first job in the renowned foley studios „Meloton Sound Effects Studios“, founded by the famous foley artist Mel Kutbay, who made foleys for Oscar winning movies like „Das Boot“, „Der Name der Rose“ or „Nirgendwo in Afrika“. There i came in touch with the spiritually world of sound effects. I learned how to record foleys, how to edit them and how to combine the sounds with digital sounds from the archive and create completely new sounddesigns! It was great for me! After that I started to work as a freelancer for agencies to compose music and make sounddesign for imagefilms and advertisings on one hand, on the other hand i worked as a sound engineer for studios and filmproduction companies.


By learning my skills in arranging orchestral and pop music in a musicproduction company in berlin in 2007 i get to know the musicbusiness and the work with real orchestras. After one No 1 Album, one No3 Album and over 1.000.000 sold Cds later, schallfabrik can offer now custom made music- and soundproduction services in almost every musical direction. A great pool of great artists, musicians, orchestras, arrangers and producers can be connected to deliver the best perfoming
piece of music – for you – in state of the art.




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Florian Philipp Müller

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